Low Noise, High Gain, Wideband Amplifier

Discover Mini-Circuits’ new ZVA-24443G1+

24 to 44 GHz – Available with and without heatsink


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Extremely Low Noise Figure, 1.7 dB typ. through Q-Band

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Output Power at 1dB: 22-23 dBm (100mW) typ.

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Adjustable DC Voltage, +9 to +15V

Operates with a single DC supply, Over-Voltage and Reverse Voltage protected

High Gain 45 dB typ. 5G bands, 24-44 GHz

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ZVA-24443G1X+ without heatsink

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ZVA-24443G1+ with heatsink

Mini-Circuits’ ZVA-24443G1+ is a co-axial, low noise, wideband and high gain amplifier operating from 24 GHz to 44 GHz. The model operates over a single positive supply range of +9 to +15 V, allowing users to choose their desired operating voltage. Internal DC-DC conversion circuitry maintains constant efficiency over the full input voltage range. The amplifier incorporates several DC-protection features such as Over-voltage, Reverse voltage and In-rush current that protects the amplifier from damage if mishandled during operation. The Amplifier is capable of delivering about 100mW (+20 dBm) of RF power over the entire band and has an excellent Noise figure performance of 1.7 dB, typ over the entire band, hence making it an ideal choice for applications with extremely demanding dynamic range requirements.

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