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Mini-Circuits is highly involved in education through various projects and is continuously developing new products in order to support students and researchers. 

UVNA-63 | DIY Vector Network Analyzer Kit

This product is recommended for RF labs, companies in the RF industry who need a tool to train their employees further, for new RF engineers who wish to acquire hands-on experience and for RF academic institutions.

UVNA-63 microwave transceiver kit includes everything you need to build a fully functioning vector network analyzer and bridge the gap between textbook theory and practical, real-world measurement in the lab.

  • Hands-on learning tool for EM course work
  • Complete kit for full 2-port vector measurement
  • Open access to the entire VNA RF chain
  • Programmable in multiple software environments

Bridge the Gap between Textbook Theory and Real-World Measurement


Build your own vector network analyzer with a high-performance transceiver board, RF & microwave components,cables, and calibration standards.


Develop real-time S-Parameter measurement algorithms with Python or Matlab®.


Learn with access to free online tutorials and sample code (coming soon).


How to build a do-it-yourself vector-network analyzer that’s actually useful.

UVNA-63 DIY Vector Network Analyzer Kit | Mini-Circuits | MCDI


Deep Dive: UVNA-63
In this new article in Microwaves & RF, Technical Editor, Chris DeMartino provides a deep dive into the features and capabilities of Mini-Circuits’ UVNA-63 DIY vector network analyzer kit for university RF engineering programs. Read it here!

VTRIG-74 | 3D Millimeter Wave Imaging Kit

The VTRIG-74 is a revolutionary tool incorporating Vayyar’s highly integrated RFIC technology and radar IP into a compact evaluation kit. This kit enables researchers around the world to explore and realize millimeter wave imaging and sensing applications without the cost and overhead that would otherwise be associated with developing the required hardware.

Mini-Circuits and Vayyar bring 3D millimeter wave imaging andsensing to the global market.

20 Tx and 20 Rx on-board antennas that can be configured to transmit and receive signals anywhere within the 62 to 69 GHz range.

3 levels of transmit configuration and direct access to the radar returns (IQ and/or phasor).


Impeccably accurate calculations. Operates on Windows. Compatible with Python or Matlab®.

Kit Components

  • VTRIG-74 RF Sensor Unit
  • DC Power Supply
  • 3M Hanging Strips
  • Type A to micro USB cable v2.0
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