RF Mesh Network Test Systems

Multi-port networks for interconnecting 3 to n devices or test systems

• Allows simulation of “real-world” mesh communication network in production environment
• Independently controlled attenuation on every path
• Ideal for testing Bluetooth and Zigbee devices, wireless handsets, and Wi-Fi systems

Mesh networks allow simultaneous interconnection of 3 to n devices or test systems.
Common applications include testing of Bluetooth and Zigbee devices, wireless handsets and Wi-Fi systems.
Mini-Circuits has developed a range of mesh networks with independently variable attenuation on every path. This concept allows simulation of a “real-world” mesh communication network in the confined space of a production environment. Path loss can
be varied independently between any pair of devices, simulating the effects of distance and interference, without affecting any other paths.
Number of ports, operating frequency and path attenuation range (up to 120 dB) can be tailored to the specific test requirement.

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