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Mini-circuits’ online Microwave calculator & Mobile App

Mini-circuits’ online Microwave calculator offers an easy and efficient way to calculate instantly expected Gain Uncertainty, Insertion Loss Uncertainty and Cascade Loss Figure. To use the calculator please click here.

Mini-Circuits' free RF/MW mobile calculator App

Get Mini-Circuits’ free App for RF/Microwave Engineers.

The App offers a wealth of calculators (together with the relevant formulas)  including:

  • Conversion Calculator
    • VSWR – return Loss Transmitted Power
    • Power to Voltage Conversion
    • RF Power Ratio Conversion
    • Noise Figures to Noise Temperature Conversion
    • Noise Power
    • Unit Conversion
  • Transmission Line Calculators
    • Microstrip Calculator
    • Stripline Impedance Calculator
    • Coaxial Cable Impedance Calculator
    • Skin Depth Calculator
  • Waveguide and Cavity Calculations
    • Cavity Resonance Frequencies
    • Waveguide Dimensions
  • Lumped Element Calculator
    • Capacitive Reactance
    • Inductive Reactance
    • Tank Circuit Resonance
  • Cascaded Calculations
    • Cascaded Noise Figure
    • Gain Uncertainty Due to Mismatch
    • Insertion Loss Uncertainty Due to Mismatch
  • Attenuator Calculator
    • Tee Attenuator Calculator
    • Pi Attenuator Calculator

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