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Up to 50 GHz

A wide range of configurations for your signal routing needs up to 40 GHz!

  • High reliability mechanical switches
    • SPDT, SP4T, SP6T, SP8T & transfer
    • Options up to 50 GHz
  • Compact benchtop modules and rack-mount systems
  • 19″ rack-mounted Chassis
  • Custom configurations available
  • USB and Ethernet control options
  • User-friendly GUI and API included

Mechanical Switches | USB / Ethernet | DC to 50 GHz

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wdt_IDP/NTypeTermination# of SwitchesF. Low (GHz)F. High (GHz)Ins. Loss (dB), Typ.Isolation (dB), Typ.RF Power (W), Max.Case StyleControl InterfacesLink
1RC-1SP4T-A18SP4TTerminated1DC18.000.258020MR1853 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.25USB & Ethernet
2RC-1SP4T-40SP4TTerminated1DC40.000.30805MR2935 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
3RC-1SP4T-26SP4TTerminated1DC26.500.20805MR2935 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
4RC-1SP4T-50SP4TTerminated1DC50.000.40753MR2935 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
5RC-1SP6T-A12SP6TTerminated1DC12.000.209020PF2320 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
6RC-1SP6T-26SP6TTerminated1DC26.500.25905PF2909 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
7RC-1SP6T-40SP6TTerminated1DC40.000.40805PF2909 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
8RC-1SP6T-50SP6TTerminated1DC50.000.40753PF2909 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
9RC-1SP6T-A18SP6TTerminated1DC18.000.4010020PF2320 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
10RC-1SPDT-A18SPDTTerminated1DC18.000.258540LM1848 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x4.50x2.25USB & Ethernet
11RC-1SPDT-A26SPDTTerminated1DC26.500.606520LM1848 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x4.50x2.25USB & Ethernet
12RC-2MTS-18DPDTTransfer2DC18.000.208610SH2618 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.25USB & Ethernet
13RC-2MTS-26DPDTTransfer2DC26.500.30755SH3109 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x4.50x2.25USB & Ethernet
14RC-2MTS-40DPDTTransfer2DC40.000.40705SH3109 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x4.50x2.25USB & Ethernet
15RC-2SP4T-A18SP4TTerminated2DC18.000.258020MR1937 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.25USB & Ethernet
16RC-2SP4T-40SP4TTerminated2DC40.000.30805MR2616 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
17RC-2SP4T-26SP4TTerminated2DC26.500.20805MR2616 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
18RC-2SP4T-50SP4TTerminated2DC50.000.40753MR2616 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
19RC-2SP6T-A12SP6TTerminated2DC12.000.209020PF2018 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
20RC-2SP6T-26SP6TTerminated2DC26.500.25905PF2675 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
21RC-2SP6T-40SP6TTerminated2DC40.000.40805PF2675 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
22RC-2SP6T-A18SP6TTerminated2DC18.000.4010020PF2018 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
23RC-2SP6T-50SP6TTerminated2DC50.000.40753PF2675 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
24RC-2SP6T-40RSP6TUnterminated2DC40.000.40805PF3290 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x5.50x2.75USB & Ethernet
25RC-2SPDT-40SPDTUnterminated2DC40.000.60655LM3149 _x000D_ LxWxH_x000D_ 6.00x4.50x2.25USB & Ethernet


wdt_IDP/NDPDTSPDTSwitch Count SP4TSwitch Count SP6TSwitch Count SP8TApplicationFrequency LowFrequency HighRack HeightConnector TypeConnector PanelControl InterfacesDatasheet
1ZT-1SP8T-2601Switch RackDC26.5 GHz3USMAFrontUSB & LAN
2ZT-12SP6T-12R012Switch RackDC12 GHz4USMARearUSB & LAN & Daisy-Chain
3ZT-14SP6T-400142 x SP36T SwitchDC40 GHz6U2.92 mmFrontUSB & LAN
4ZT-166110SP32T SwitchDC18 GHz4USMAFrontUSB & LAN
5ZT-1694104 x SP8T & 2 x SPDT SwitchDC18 GHz4USMAFrontUSB & LAN
6ZT-2612042 x SP16T Switch RackDC12 GHz3USMAFrontUSB & LAN
7ZT-29709Switch RackDC12 GHz4USMAFrontUSB & LAN
8ZT-310320Switch RackDC18 GHz4USMAFront & RearUSB & LAN & Daisy-Chain
9ZT-3114084 x SP12T SwitchDC12 GHz4USMARearUSB & LAN
10ZT-31515SP40T SwitchDC18 GHz3USMAFrontUSB & LAN

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