RF Phase Detectors

1 to 650 MHz

Broadband and optimized band RF phase detectors for phase locked loops (PLLs), monitoring and levelling circuits from 1 to 650 MHz

  • High DC output versus phase
  • Low DC offset
  • Coaxial designs with rugged construction
  • Miniature, surface-mount packages

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Phase Detectors, Surface Mount, High Output (1000 mV DC), 1 to 650 MHz

Phase Detectors, Designer Kits

Model NumberdatasheetModels Included in KitQuantity per ModelTotal Quantity of Units
K-PD1MPD-1+, MPD-2+, MPD-21+, SYPD-1, SYPD-25

Phase Detectors, Coaxial, High Output (1000 mV DC), 1 to 100 MHz

Phase Detectors, Plug-In, High Output (1000 mV DC), 1 to 400 MHz

RF Freq. Low (MHz)RF Freq. Hi (MHz)Scale Factor (mV/deg.)DC Output (mV) Typ.DC Offset (mV) Typ.Figure of Merit M, Typ.
Model NumberdatasheetCase StyleRF Freq. Low (MHz)RF Freq. Hi (MHz)RF Power In (dBm)Scale Factor (mV/deg.)DC Out Impedance (Ω)RF1 – RF2 Isolation (dB) Min.Output Polarity with RF in phaseDC Output (mV) Typ.DC Offset (mV) Typ.Figure of Merit M, Typ.
MPD-1+A11 LxWxH 0.50×0.23×0.2611007850040neg.1,0000.2000143
MPD-2+A11 LxWxH 0.50×0.23×0.26102007850040neg.1,0000.3000143
MPD-21+A11 LxWxH 0.50×0.23×0.26504007750040neg.8000.5000120
RPD-1+A01 LxWxH 0.80×0.40×0.4011007850040neg.1,0000.2000143
RPD-2+A01 LxWxH 0.80×0.40×0.4051507850040neg.1,0000.3000143

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