RF Instrumentation Amplifiers

RF Instrumentation Amplifiers

RF Instrumentation Amplifiers

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RF Instrumentation Amplifiers

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RF Instrumentation Amplifiers

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Mini-Circuits’ ZT-270 is an UHF band variable gain amplifier (VGA) with 4 independently controlled channels. Each channel provides up to 2W output power with 30 dB gain control at 0.25 dB steps. Four separate ON/OFF power switches on the front panel allow any channel to be quickly and safely isolated by terminating the input signal into an internal load.

The gain can be controlled via USB or Ethernet (supporting both HTTP and Telnet network protocols). Full software support is provided, including our user-friendly GUI application for Windows operating systems.

The system is housed in a compact 19-inch rack chassis (3U height) with SMA connectors, 4 x RF inputs on the front panel and 4 x RF outputs on the rear panel.


ZT-285 is a 12-channel amplifier system, supplied in a 2U height, 19” rack-mount chassis with a single AC mains power supply connection and SMA input/output connectors on the front and rear panels. Each independent amplifier channel operates over 500-2500 MHz, ideal for L-band satellite communications and telecommunications applications, achieving high gain and high directivity across the band.

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