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Hi-Rel RF Solutions

DC to 110 GHz

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Hi-Rel RF Solutions

Mil Spec Qualification

Mini-Circuits has decades of experience and expertise in supporting our customers with high reliability screening services and products. As a highly regarded supplier of screened RF and Microwave products, we know what it takes to support our customers with solutions that meet and exceed their expectations in these often rugged and demanding environments. The vast majority of our catalog and custom components can be upscreened in-house*, which reduces overall cycle time and costs. Combined with our industry leading EOL policy, our customers know they can always get the high reliability components they need from Mini-Circuits.

Standard Capabilities: Burn-in, thermal shock, vibration, destructive physical analysis, mechanical shock, hermeticity and HAST.

In addition to our technology-specific, standard capabilities, Mini-Circuits’ applications support team can develop custom solutions for nearly any project.

*While Mini-Circuits performs most of its testing and upscreening in-house, we use specialist partners for a limited selection of tests.

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