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Modelithics Free Simulation Models

FREE Modelithics High-Accuracy Simulation Models

Modelithics Free Simulation Models – Gain design confidence with superior simulation capabilities.​

Mini-Circuits has partnered with modeling and measurement experts at Modelithics to give you FREE high-accuracy simulation models for Mini-Circuits components, compatible with Keysight ADS. The models include X-Parameters®-based non-linear models for Mini-Circuits MMIC amplifiers and substrate scalable models for our LTCC filters as well as RCAT-series and YAT-series fixed attenuators.

The Modelithics library gives designers a valuable resource for their tool kit, and Mini-Circuits is pleased to sponsor these simulation models as part of our commitment to provide best-in-class support for customers using our parts in their prototypes. This enhanced simulation capability helps achieve faster agreement between simulation and measured performance, permitting faster design cycles, lower design cost, and greater likelihood of first pass success.

Download the models for free from the Mini-Circuits partner page on the Modelithics website.


Designing with Modelithics Substrate-Scalable Models for Mini-Circuits LTCC Filters

X-Parameters-Based Models for Mini-Circuits Amplifiers