Custom Test Solutions

  • Flexible USB, Ethernet, SPI & I2C mechanical and solid state switch arrays and matrices
  • Single & multi-channel programmable attenuators
  • Cost-effective signal generators, instrument amplifiers and power sensors

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A Rich History of Custom Integrated Assemblies

Mini-Circuits has a well established history of supporting customers in custom integration to achieve highly functional systems and sub-systems.

Leveraging our wealth of standard components, our application and systems engineers work directly with customers at the engineering level, up front and early in the development process following our method of design definition to provide both the customer and Mini-Circuits with a proven framework to define requirements accurately ensuring a successful development effort. 

Mini-Circuits offers 4 different families of Test Solutions: 

Portable | Rack Mounted | Modular Matrices | Custom

Rapid growth in the number and variety of wireless applications and connected devices in the market has driven the need for more innovative, and highly customized test solutions. Customers are lookingfor equipment to multiplex application-specific test systems across multiple DUTs, which requires signal routing, distribution and conditioning functions in a variety of configurations.

At Mini-Circuits, our experience in the test space has evolved according to the needs of our customers, following a progression from test accessories like cables, adapters, and attenuators, to benchtop programmable test modules, to modular and fully customized rack-mountable systems. The diversity of customer test requirements has led us to build our business in this area around principles ofcompetence, flexibility, and speed.Customers are looking to the industry to partner with them to define the test solution for their needs. This requires the competence and expertise of our applications engineers to understand customers’ needs and develop a clear system definition. The specifications for these solutions are usually being definedconcurrently with the design process, which requires our organization to be agile in design and fabrication of a wide range of unique, user-defined solutions in a very short period of time.The turnaround time on these test systems directly affects customers’ time to market, so they’re depending on us to deliver a tailored solution, fast. To support speed and flexibility, we have capitalized on a building-block approach to developing custom equipment for each customer’s unique needs. Ourwealth and variety of components and subassemblies in stock allows us to create integrated assemblies for a wide range of custom specifications with exceptionally fast turnaround times.Mini-Circuits can help improve efficiency and save cost for your test setup. Reach out tocontact for information about anything you see here or any unique requirementsyou might have. We’re here to support you!

New Q2-2019 Test Solutions Guide

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