RF Transformers and Baluns

0.005 to 24000 MHz

Over 500 transformer and balun models in a wide variety of DC passing and DC isolated configurations with for single-ended and balanced/differential transmission lines from 0.005 to 24000 MHz!

  • Surface mount and coaxial case styles
  • Tiny LTCC models as small as 0603
  • Wideband MMIC baluns up to 14 GHz
  • 50/75 Ohm matching transformers and matching pads

Mini-Circuits RF transformers and baluns are offered in surface mount and connector packages and a wide variety of configurations for 50 and 75Ω systems. We have over 250 surface mount models in stock including baluns with impedance ratios from 1:1 to 1:4. Our Top Hat™ feature on open core surface mount models improves speed and accuracy of pick-and-place throughput, and our LTCC models feature wrap-around terminations for visual solder inspection in packages as small as 0805 (2mm x 1.2mm). Rugged coaxial connector models are available in DC blocking and DC passing designs with rugged metal cases and a variety of connector types including SMA, BNC, N-type, and F-type. Affordable custom designs are just a phone call away with surprisingly quick turnaround times gained from over 40 years of manufacturing and design experience.

NEW RF Transformers and Baluns

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