Product Overview
MNA-5W+ is a wideband PHEMT based MMIC amplifier with high active Directivity. MNA integrates the entire
matching network and majority of the bias circuit inside the package, reducing the need for complicated
external circuits. This approach makes the MNA amplifier extremely straightforward to use. This design operates
on a single 2.8 to 5V supply, is well matched for 50Ω and comes in a tiny, low profile 3x3mm 8-lead
MCLP package accommodating dense circuit board layouts.
Product Features
• Choice of supply voltage, +2.8V to +5V
• Micro-miniature size .120”X.120”
• Internal DC blocking at RF input and output
• High directivity, 17-23 dB typ.
• Low noise figure, 3.1 dB typ. at 2 GHz
• Output power, up to +14 dBm typ.
• Aqueous washable