Microwave Precision Fixed Attenuators | QAT-SERIES

Microwave Precision Fixed Attenuators - QAT-SERIES

QAT models are a series of absorptive fixed attenuators fabricated using highly reliable and repeatable GaAs MMIC IPD* process. The models operate from DC up to 50 GHz. They have outstanding attenuation accuracy and flatness while maintaining excellent VSWR throughout the entire band. The models can also handle input power up to around 2W, depending on each value, which makes this model series an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Wideband operation, From DC to 50 GHz

Supports a wide array of applications including 5G, wireless infrastructure, microwave communications, satellite, defense and aerospace, medical broadband and optic applications.

Small Size and simple to use (2 mm x 2 mm)

As a single chip solution, the QAT series occupies less board space than a lumped element approach, minimizes component count and ensures repeatable performance over wide frequency range.

Wide range of nominal attenuation values (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 20 & 30)

Small increment offering enables circuit designer to change attenuation values without motherboard redesign making the QAT series ideal for select at test application.

MCLPTM Package

Low Inductance, repeatable transitions, excellent thermal path make the QAT series an ideal solution as an alternative to “do it yourself” lumped element-based approach.

Microwave Precision Fixed Attenuators | QAT-SERIES LIST

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QAT Products

Model Number F Low (MHz) F High (MHz) Attenuation(dB) Typ. VSWR (:1) Typ. Input Power(W) Max Case Style
wdt_ID Model Number Link F Low (MHz) F High (MHz) Attenuation(dB) Typ. VSWR (:1) Typ. Input Power(W) Max Case Style
1 QAT-0+  DC 50,000 0 1.3000 2 MC3000
2 QAT-1+  DC 50,000 1 1.1600 2 MC3000
3 QAT-2+  DC 50,000 2 1.1700 2 MC3000
4 QAT-3+  DC 50,000 3 1.2100 2 MC3000
5 QAT-4+  DC 50,000 4 1.1600 2 MC3000
6 QAT-5+  DC 50,000 5 1.1300 1 MC3000
7 QAT-6+  DC 50,000 6 1.1400 2 MC3000
8 QAT-7+  DC 50,000 7 1.1500 1 MC3000
9 QAT-8+ DC 50,000 8 1.1600 1 MC3000
10 QAT-9+  DC 50,000 9 1.1900 1 MC3000

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