Connectorized Band Pass Filter, 1200-1320 MHz

Product Overview Mini-Circuits’ Coaxial-Ceramic Resonator filters offer low insertion loss in very small form factors, using ceramic material with high dielectric constant and superior Q factor. Bandpass and bandstop filters,diplexer and multiplexer designs can be constructed using this technology. Low insertion loss combined with excellent power handling makes these filters well suited for transmitter and receiver signal chains. Advanced filter design and construction can achieve stopband width greater than 3x the center frequency All our coaxial-ceramic resonator filters are built with rugged construction, qualified to withstand multiple demanding reflow cycles. Custom integrated assembly with LNA in greatly simplifying system integration. They can be realized in small form factors with high-quality, precise machining for applications where size is critical. Excellent repeat- ability across units is achieved through precise tuning and process control.


• Low Insertion loss • High selectivity • Good VSWR • Connectorized package

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