Coaxial Low Noise Amplifier , from 6000 to 20000 MHz

Product Overview
Mini-Circuits’ ZX60-06203LN+ is a wideband low noise connectorized amplifier providing a unique combination of low noise figure, high IP3 and flat gain over a very wide frequency range, supporting a wide range of sensitive, high-dynamic range receiver applications and many systems where high performance over wideband is needed. This design operates on a single 5 V supply and comes in a rugged, compact unibody case (0.74 x 0.75 x 0.46”) with SMA connectors, making it an excellent candidate for tough operating conditions and crowded system layouts.


• Low noise figure, 2.8 dB typ, over 6 to 18 GHz • Excellent Gain flatness, ±1.6 dB over 8 to 18 GHz • High gain 18 dB typ. 8-18 GHz • Medium power with good linearly, 15.5 dBm typ P1dB, 27 dBm typ OIP3 • Excellent directivity, 20 typ

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