Coaxial High Power Amplifier, 50Ω, 3W, 5.9 to 18 GHz,


ZVE-3W-183+ is a Class-A, four stage, unconditionally stable amplifier which includes built-in voltage regulation and reverse bias protection for added reliability in un-constrained environments. This model exhibits outstanding performance in system applications as well as being ruggedized to support the stress and abuse associated with lab test environments including the capability to withstand accidental open/short at the output over military vibration and shock levels.


• High power, 3 Watt
• Wideband, 5.9 to 18 GHz
• High IP3, +44 dBm typ.
• High dynamic range
• High gain, 35dB typ. and good directivity, 35dB typ.
• Internal voltage regulated for 13 to 18VDC
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