Cavity Band Pass Filter, 10450 - 10950 MHz, 50Ω


• Low insertion loss,0.6 dB typ.
• Broad stopband up to 20 GHz.
• High rejection, 67dB typ.
• Good VSWR, 1.2:1 typ.


Mini-Circuits’ cavity filters are designed by implementing resonant structures with very high Q and are ideal for narrow-band, high-selectivity applications. These designs can provide bandwidths as narrow as 1% with very high selectivity and excellent low noise floor. Low insertion loss combined with excellent power handling makes them well-suited for transmitter and receiver front end. Advanced filter design and construction enables stopband width greater than 3x the center frequency. Mini-Circuits’ cavity filters feature a special protective assembly to prevent accidental de-tuning that would other- wise require expensive replacement or return to factory for re-tuning. Precise machining allows realization of cavity filters with small form factors for applications where size is critical. Excellent repeatability across units is achieved through precise tuning and process control.

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