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MEDIUM POWER, HIGH GAIN, Wideband Amplifier, 18000 - 54000 MHz, 50Ω


• High gain, 34 dB typ. over the entire operating band
• Good gain flatness, ±2.0 dB typ.
• High saturated output power, +27 dBm typ.
• Adjustable DC voltage, +10 to +15 V
• DC protected against over-voltage, reverse-voltage conditions


Mini-Circuits’ ZVA-543+ is a coaxial, 1/2-watt wideband high gain amplifier, operating from 18 to 54 GHz. This model operates over a single positive supply range of +10 to +15 V, allowing users to choose their desired operating voltage. Internal DCDC conversion circuitry maintains consistent efficiency over the full input voltage range. The amplifier incorporates several DC-protection features, such as over-voltage, reverse voltage and in-rush current, that protect the amplifier from damage if mishandled during operation. The wideband operation combined with high output power makes this amplifier an ideal choice for testing and instrumentation applications.

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