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Splitter Panel, 4 x 4-Way, 10 - 40 GHz, 1U, 2.92 mm



• Rack-mounted RF splitter / combiner panel
• 4 x 4-way splitters in 1U rack space
• All connectors on the front panel
• Wide band


Mini-Circuits panel-mounted structures provide clean, organized management of cable runs and connections in complex, high volume test setups. Multiple connector adapters, power splitters, directional couplers and other essential RF components and test accessories can be integrated efficiently within the test system. Custom configurations are available upon request.

ZT-351 integrates 4 x 4-way splitter / combiners on to a compact panel requiring only 1U of rack space. The wide 10-40 GHz bandwidth of operation covers a range of commercial cellular, satellite and military frequency bands.

The panel is configured with all precision 2.92 mm RF connectors on the front for easy access within a rack-mounted test environment.

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