Coaxial, Wideband, Frequency Mixer, Level 15 (LO Power +15 dBm) 10000 to 40000 MHz


Mini-Circuits’ ZMDB-44H-K+ coaxial frequency mixer provides an RF and LO frequency range from 10 to 40 GHz and an IF frequency range from DC to 15 GHz, ideal for applications including defense radar and communication, VSAT, line of sight links, 5G, ISM and more. This model handles input power up to +21 dBm and provides low con- version loss with high L-R isolation. The mixer comes housed in a rugged, 2.92mm connectorized housing (0.56 x 0.56 x 0.34″) suitable for assembled systems and lab use.


• wide bandwidth, 10000 to 40000 MHz
• low conversion loss, 8.8 dB typ.
• high L-R isolation, 35 dB typ.
• excellent IF BW, DC to 15000 MHz
• rugged construction
• small size
• useable as up and down converter
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