Coaxial, Wideband, Frequency Mixer, Level 15 (LO Power +15 dBm), 5000 to 21000 MHz


Mini-Circuits’ ZMDB-24H-K+ coaxial frequency mixer provides an RF and LO frequency range from 5 to 21 GHz and an IF frequency range from DC to 5 GHz, ideal for applications including defense radar and communication, VSAT, line of sight links, WiFi, ISM, Satellite up and down converters and more. This model handles input power up to +21 dBm and provides low conversion loss with high L-R isolation. The mixer comes housed in a rugged, 2.92mm connectorized housing (0.56 x 0.56 x 0.34″) suitable for assembled systems and lab use.


• wide bandwidth, 5000 to 21000 MHz
• low conversion loss, 8.5 dB typ.
• high L-R isolation, 30 dB typ.
• excellent IF BW, DC to 5000 MHz
• rugged construction
• small size
• useable as up and down converter
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