Connectorized High Pass Filter, 18000-40000 MHz


Feature Advantages Low insertion loss Low signal loss results in better SNR in receiver front end and better power delivery to antenna in transmitters Fast roll-off Higher selectivity results in better adjacent channel rejection and dynamic range Wide stopband Wide, spur-free stop band results in better receiver sensitivity High power handling Well suited for transmitter applications Excellent temperature stability Ensures minimal variation in electrical performance across temperature Key Features 50 DC to 40 GHz Suspended Substrate Stripline Filters and Multiplexers


DC Pass, High Power • 2 Way-0° Power Splitter/Combiner • Super wideband, 6 to 65 GHz • Low insertion loss, 1.0 dB typ. • High Isolation, 31 dB typ. • 16W power handling • Low amplitude unbalance, 0.06 dB typ • 1.85mm-Female connectors
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