Medium Power Amplifier, +31 dBm w/o Heatsink , from 600 to 4200 MHz


Product Overview Mini-Circuits’ ZHL-4240+ is a medium-power connectorized amplifier supporting a wide range of applications from 600 to 4200 MHz, such as test instrumentation, SatCom, and mobile communications systems, including those operating in the new telecom Band 71 allocation (617 to 698 MHz). This model provides +31 dBm output power at saturation and extremely flat gain (39 ±1.3 dB) across its full bandwidth, making it ideal for systems where consis- tent performance across frequency is required. The amplifier operates on a 15V DC supply and comes housed in compact aluminum alloy case (7.00 x 3.25 x 2.13″) with SMA connectors, built-in bracket for mounting, and an optional heat sink for efficient cooling.


• wideband, 600 to 4200 MHz • high IP3, +38 dBm typ. • high gain, 39 dB min.

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