SMA High Power Amplifier, 40W, 50Ω , from 3400 to 3700 MHz

Mini-Circuits’ ZHL-40W-372-S+ is a high-power connectorized amplifier supporting a wide range of applications from 3400 to 3700 MHz. This model provides +46 dBm output power at saturation and extremely flat gain (50 ±1.0 dB) across its full bandwidth, making it ideal for systems where consistent performance across frequency is required. The amplifier operates on a 28V DC supply and comes housed in compact aluminum alloy case (5.94 x 3.58 x 1.18″) with SMA con- nectors, and an optional heat sink and fan for efficient cooling.


• High power, 40Watt, typ • Low Current consumption, 5A typ. at saturation • High IP3, +52 dBm typ. • Good gain flatness, ±1.0 dB typ. • No damage with an open or short output load under 43 dB CW output power • Shuts off when base plate temperature exceeds +85°C

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