20W Class-AB Amplifier w/ Heatsink , from 20 to 2000 MHz


Product Overview
The ZHL-20W-202-S+ is a Class AB, high-power amplifier providing 20W saturated power over the 20 to 2000
MHz band, ideal for a variety of high-power test setups as well as applications including communications,
radar and more. The ruggedly-designed amplifier provides unconditional stability and built-in self-protection
against reverse polarity, excessive drive and overheating. The amplifier’s output stage is further protected
in the event of a fault condition, allowing high power operation into an OPEN or SHORT load (refer to the
maximum input power specifications). Housed in a rugged aluminum alloy case measuring 4.3 x 6.7 x 1.2″,
the unit features SMA connectors and an optional heat sink and fan attachment for cooling.


• High Power Amplifier • Saturated power, 20W • Wide bandwidth, 20 to 2000 MHz • High gain, 53 dB typ. • Self-protected from excessive drive, heat, and reverse polarity • Withstands short and open circuit at output while delivering up to 20W

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