High Power Amplifier, 0.7 to 2.7 GHz


Product Overview The ZHL-100W-272+ is a high power amplifier module supply which can be used for a wide variety of laboratory testing applications. This rugged amplifier is capable of amplifying signals up to 100W output power over its entire operating frequency range of 700 – 2700 MHz. Built-in safety features include over- temperature protection. The amplifier’s output stage is further protected in the event of a fault condition, allowing high power operation for up to 5 minutes into an OPEN or SHORT load (refer to the maximum input power specifications), preventing amplifier damage and providing excellent reliability. Feature Advantages Wide frequency range 700 – 2700 MHz frequency range covers popular wireless communications, SATCOM and radar bands in a single instrument, useful for many test applications. 100W output power Supports high power test applications such as EMI, max power handling, and reliability testing High Gain 48 dB typical gain allows the ZHL-100W-272+ to be driven to full output power with nearly all commercially available signal generators High Reverse Isolation Isolates load reflections to protect sensitive signal sources from potential damage and performance variation due to load pulling Built-in protection The unit shuts OFF when the internal amplifier reaches a set temperature of 85±5°C, prevent- ing damage to the amplifier and providing added reliability.


High output power, 100W typ. • High gain, 48 dB typ. • Excellent reverse isolation, 89 dB typ.

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