High Power Amplifier, 50 to 250 MHz

Product Overview The ZHL-100W-251+ is a Class A, high-power amplifier providing 100W saturated power over the 50 to 250 MHz band, ideal for a variety of high-power test setups as well as applications including communications, HAM bands and more. The ruggedly-designed amplifier provides unconditional stability and built-in self- protection against overheating. It is capable of withstanding short and open circuits at output while continu- ously delivering 100W of power. Housed in a rugged aluminum alloy case measuring 3.25 x 6.0 x 1.13″, the unit features SMA connectors and an optional heat sink and fan attachment for cooling. High Power Amplifier Coaxial ZHL-100W-251-S+ ZHL-100W-251XS+ ZHL-100W-251-S+ ZHL-100W-251XS+


High power, 100 Watt at saturation • Usable over 20 to 450 MHz • High gain, 46 dB typ. • Excellent gain flatness, ±0.7 dB typ. • Excellent IP3, +58 dBm typ. • Class A amplifier, usable up to 100W • No damage with an open or short output load under full CW output power1 • Shuts off when base plate temperature exceeds +100°C • Internal power regulator (current remains constant over 22 to 28V • Over voltage protection, shut off above 29V

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