250W Coaxial Bi-Directional Coupler, 10 dB , from 380 to 3700 MHz


Product Overview
The Mini-Circuits ZGBDC10-372HP+ broadband high power directional coupler offers excellent performance across a wide
range of popular frequency bands. Built using low loss suspended substrate construction, the ZGBDC10-372HP+ can pass
up to 3A of DC current from input to output and handle up to 250W CW. The rugged sealed construction makes this coupler
ideal for use in field applications or remote monitoring sites; however, it is also ideal for high power lab testing.


• wide frequency range, 380 – 3700 MHz • good coupling flatness, ±0.2 dB typ. (600-3700 MHz) • high directivity, 24 dB typ. • very good return loss, 24 dB typ. • high power, up to 250W • DC current pass through input to output

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