Product Overview
The Mini-Circuits ZGBDC10-372HP+ broadband high power directional coupler offers excellent performance across a wide
range of popular frequency bands. Built using low loss suspended substrate construction, the ZGBDC10-372HP+ can pass
up to 3A of DC current from input to output and handle up to 250W CW. The rugged sealed construction makes this coupler
ideal for use in field applications or remote monitoring sites; however, it is also ideal for high power lab testing.
Feature Advantages
Excellent Insertion Loss , 0.18 dB Typ* With extremely low insertion loss, this coupler is ideal for critical high power applications.
Ultra High Return Loss, 24 dB Typ Outstanding Return loss makes this coupler ideal for sensitive power measurement and other signal distribu-
tion applications.
High Power Handling, 250W
Up to 250W CW power handling, combined with low insertion loss and excellent VSWR support operation in
high power applications such as transmitters, base stations and high power device characterization.
Wide bandwidth
Covering 380-3700 MHz, the ZGBDC10-372HP+ covers the most popular Cellular, PCS, DCS, WiMAX, and
LTE bands.
Excellent Directivity and Coupling Flatness
Typical 20 dB directivity and ±1.0 dB of Coupling flatness provides accurate signal sampling of forward or
reflected power.
Passes DC Current, 3A
Capable of passing 3A current, input to output; this coupler is suited for application using remote antenna
control or other remote motorized requirements.
*Does not include coupling loss
The Big Deal
High Power Handling: 250W
Low Insertion Loss: 0.18 dB typ.*
50 Up to 250W 380 to 3700 MHz



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