In-Line, Coaxial Broadband Slope Equalizer, 50Ω, DC to 20 GHz


Mini-Circuits’ ZEQ-7-24K+ is a broadband, connectorized negative slope equalizer, with a slope of 7.4 dB typ. over the range of DC to 20 GHz. The model is bi-directional and offers excellent electrical performance in applications where frequency-dependent losses due to skin-depth (positive gain slope) hinder the overall system performance. The small form factor model comes with complementary connectors to avoid the use of any additional adapters and operates over a wide temperature range of -55*C to +105*C.


• Negative slope of 7.4 dB typ. (other slope values available)
• Wideband operation, DC – 20 GHz
• Minimal slope variation, +/- 0.4 dB typ.
• Small form factor 0.80” x 0.56”
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