• Wide frequency range, 2 to 26.5 GHz • Good coupling flatness, ±0.6 dB typ. • Good directivity, 17 dB typ. up to 26.5 GHz • Good return loss, 17 dB typ. up to 26.5 GHz • DC current pass through input to output

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ZX75BP-1062+ Mini-Circuits’ Coaxial-Ceramic Resonator filters offer low insertion loss in very small form factors, using ceramic material with high dielectric constant and superior Q factor. Bandpass and bandstop filters,diplexer and multiplexer designs can be constructed using this technology. Low insertion loss combined with excellent power handling makes these filters well
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RCDAT-6000-60 Mini-Circuits’ RCDAT-6000-60 is a general purpose, single channel programmable attenuator suitable for a wide range of signal level control applications from 1 MHz to 6 GHz. The Attenuator provides 0 to 60 dB attenuation in 0.25 dB steps. Its unique design maintains linear attenuation change per dB, even at the
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047-3SMPR+ The 047 Series Hand-Flex Coaxial Cables are ideal for interconnection of coaxial components or sub-systems in tight spaces. The outer shield is tin plated copper braid and tin soaked, which minimizes signal leakage and at the same time flexible for easy bend. Right-angle SMP-F blind mate push-on / snap-on
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BFCN-1445+ Mini-Circuits’ BFCN-1445+ LTCC band pass filter has a pass band from 1420 to 1470 MHz, supporting harmonic rejection in a variety of transmitter/receiver applications. This model provides 2.2 dB passband insertion loss, 20 dB lower stopband rejection, 25 dB upper stopband rejection and RF input power handling up to
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I&Q and QPSK Modulators / Demodulators

MINI-CIRCUITS I&Q and QPSK Modulators / Demodulators Mini-Circuits offers a wide selection of QPSK modulators and I&Q modulator/demodulators covering RF/LO frequencies from 1 to 2000 MHz and I&Q frequencies from DC to 10 MHz. Available in coaxial connectorized and surface mount packages, these components provide excellent harmonic rejection as well

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