Product Overview
The Mini-Circuits ZCDC10-5R263-S+ wideband directional coupler offers exceptional performance
operating over 0.5 to 26.5 GHz. This coupler has excellent coupling flatness, good directivity, and power
handling. It is ideal for lab testing applications as well as for power monitoring over wide bands, among
other applications.



Other products of interest



SCTX1-83-2W+ Mini-Circuits’ SCTX1-83-2W+ is a surface-mount transmission line transformer (core and Semi-Rigid cable) covering a very wide frequency range from 10 to 8000 MHz. The transformer provides low insertion loss with excellent phase and amplitude performance. Featuring core and cable construction on a 12-lead PCB unit measures 0.60 x 0.60 x 0.15
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DC Blocks

MINI-CIRCUITS DC Blocks Choose from a variety of wideband DC blocks with SMA, N-type, BNC and 2.92mm connector types for 50-ohm and 75-ohm applications from 100 kHz to 40 GHz! Wideband performance Low insertion loss and excellent return loss Rugged construction Inquire about this Related Professional Articles Adapting Non-Sealed Surface

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TC1-1-13MG2+ Features • suitable for tin/lead and RoHS solder systems • wideband, 4.5 to 3000 MHz • balanced transmission line • good return loss • excellent amplitude unbalance, 0.5 dB typ and phase unbalance, 2 deg typ. in 1 dB bandwidth • aqueous washable Applications • balanced to unbalanced transformation
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SF-SFRP50+ Mini-Circuits’ SF-SFRP50+ is a 50W coaxial SMA-Female to SMA-Female Reverse Polarity adapter supporting a wide range of applications from DC to 12 GHz. This model provides excellent VSWR, low insertion loss, and flat response across frequency. The SF-SFRP50+ features rugged, passivated stainless steel construction and measures only 0.87” (l)
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Power Splitters/RF Power Combiners


QCH-652+ Mini-Circuits' new 2-way 90° power splitter, QCH-652+ capable of handling up to 60W with amplitude unbalance of 0.80 dB typ and phase unbalance of ±5 deg. typ. Operating over a frequency range of 1000 to 6500 MHz, the good phase and amplitude unbalance make this component a versatile building block for use
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TXA4-512HP+ Product Overview Mini-Circuits’ TXA4-512HP+ is a high-power, surface-mount balanced transmission line transformer supporting applications from 50 to 512 MHz. This model provides a secondary/primary impedance ratio of 1/4 and RF input power handling up to 5W. The transformer is constructed on printed wire laminate with a Nickel-Silver alloy case
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