2-way Connectorized Power Splitter, 2000-40000MHz


Mini-Circuits’ ZC2PD-K0244+ is a super wideband 2-way 0˚ splitter/combiner providing coverage from
2 to 40 GHz, supporting a wide range of applications including 5G, Ku-Band, K-Band, instrumentation and
many more. This model provides 20W power handling as a splitter and very low insertion loss across the
entire operating frequency range, minimizing power dissipation and delivering excellent signal power trans-
mission from input to output. The ZC2PD-K0244+ comes housed in a case measuring 1.04 x 1.79 x 0.5″.


• Super wideband, 2000 – 40000 MHz • Low insertion loss, 0.8 dB typ. • Low amplitude unbalance, 0.04 dB typ. • Excellent VSWR, 1.13:1 typ. • High isolation, 32 dB typ

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