Reflective Solid State SPDT RF Switch , from DC to 5000 MHz


Product Overview
The ZASW-2-50DRA+ is an excellent high isolation, solid state SPDT, reflective RF switch. With its broad
frequency range, fast switching time and excellent RF performance, the ZASW-2-50DRA+ is an excellent
replacement for the Mini-Circuits’ legacy switch model ZASW-2-50DR+. Refer app note AN-80-020 for more
details. The wide bandwidth, high isolation and fast switching characteristics makes this switch a versatile
choice for several RF applications & systems.
Feature Advantages
Integrated TTL Driver
-Operates at +5V to -5V
-Low control current allows compatibility with a variety of driver circuits
-Fast 20 ns typ.Switching time
Excellent for a Variety of Applications
From Bench to Integrated Systems
-High speed testers
-Automated switching networks
-Wireless Infrastructure
Excellent RF Performance
-Wide bandwidth: DC2 to 5000 MHz
-Good Insertion Loss: 2.5 dB Typ
-Low video leakage, 45 mVp-p typ.


• Wide bandwidth, DC2 to 5000 MHz
• Good Insertion loss, 2.5 dB typ.
• Internal TTL driver
• Fast switching, Rise/fall time, 4 ns typ.
• Wide operating temperature, -20°C to +85°C
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