Satellite MuxTee Bias Tee, 50Ω, 10-2150 MHz (10 to 100 MHz, 800 to 2150MHz)


• Simple installation in a Satellite System
• Integrated L-Band + DC Bias-Tee
• Low RF Insertion Loss: 0.5 dB Typ 800-2150 MHz
• High DC current, 5A
• Feed through terminal for DC port


The ZABT-2150-5AFT+ is a bias tee designed specifically for satellite communications and wireless infrastructure applications. Built in a rugged shielded case, the ZABT-2150-5AFT+ is equipped with SMA connectors for the L-Band ports and feed through terminal for DC port.
The ZABT-2150-5AFT+ is ideally suited for powering Satellite up converters and LNBs where IF and DC are all injected on a single coax cable.

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