DC Pass Matching Transformer, 50/75Ω, DC to 3000 MHz


• Low loss (0.6 dB typ.) matching device
• Wide band coverage, DC-3000 MHz
• Connectorized package


Mini-Circuits’ Z7550-BMBF+ is a coaxial 50/75Ω matching transformer covering the DC to 3000 MHz frequency range, supporting impedance matching in a wide range of systems including CATV, broadband networks, matching antenna systems and more. This model is ideal for 50/75Ω impedance matching in systems where minimizing overall signal loss is a priority. The transformer handles RF input power up to 2W and comes housed in a rugged, compact aluminum alloy case (1.25 x 1.25 x 0.94″) with BNC-F (50 ) to BNC-M (75 ) connectors.

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