Reflectionless High Pass Filter, 18300-30000 MHz


Mini-Circuits’ XHF2-Series reflectionless filters employs a novel filter topology which absorbs and ter- minates stop band signals internally rather than reflecting them back to the source. This new capability enables unique applications for filter circuits beyond those suited to traditional approaches. Traditional filters are reflective in the stop band, sending signals back to the source at 100% of the power level which interact with neighboring components and often result in intermodulation and other interferences. Reflec- tionless filters eliminate stop band reflections, allowing them to be paired with sensitive devices and used in applications that otherwise require circuits such as isolation amplifiers or attenuators.


Match to 50Ω in the stop band, eliminates
undesired reflections
• Cascadable
• Excellent Power handling
• Temperature stable, up to 105°C
• Small size, 2 x 2 mm
• Protected by US Patent No. 8,392,495
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