Flex Test Intrumentation Test Cable, 50Ω, 1M, DC to 67 GHz, Low Loss


Mini-Circuits’ VNAX-1M-EMERF+ is an ultra-wideband precision rugged instrumentation cable specially designed for use with 67 GHz VNA equipment in test environments. The cable provides excellent VSWR and very low insertion loss over its entire frequency range. 1.85mm rugged female to1.85mm male connector configuration provides direct connection from the ports of a 67 GHz VNA to 1.85mm connectorized devices without the need for adapters. The cable features a rugged crush and torque resistant outer sheath that protects the cable from damage in demanding lab settings.


• extremely low insertion loss
• extra-rugged construction includes protective shield and strain relief for longer life
• stainless steel 40 GHz connector for long mating-cycle life
• amplitude and phase stability vs flexture
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