Low Current MMIC Amplifier, 0.5 to 2.5 GHz


Product Overview VNA-28B+ is a wideband amplifier providing high directivity. It has built-in DC blocks at input and output and a separate lead for DC. It is fabricated using PHEMT technology and enclosed in a 5×6 mm MCLP plastic package. Feature Advantages Footprint compatible with VNA-28 & VNA-28A+ Can be used as a replacement for obsolete partS VNA-28+ and VNA-28A+ without PCB design change. Refer to AN-60-089 High directivity, 16-23 dB Acts as a low cost isolator, minimizing the interaction of pre and post circuits. Built-in DC blocks Eliminates need for external DC blocks, lowering PCB size & cost. Separate terminal for DC Eliminates need for output bias-tee, further reducing external component count, cost & PCB size. DC voltage, 2.8 to +5V No voltage dropping resistor required, allowing low voltage operation. 5 x 6mm 8-lead MCLP package Provides low inductance, repeatable transitions, and excellent thermal contact to PCB.


2.8 & 5V operation • High directivity, 16-23 dB • Footprint compatible with VNA-28 & VNA-28A+
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