Connectorized Low Pass Filter, DC -2500 MHz


Product Overview VLFX-2500+ is a 50 low pass filter built in rugged unibody construction. Covering DC-2500 MHz bandwidth, these units offer good matching within the passband and high rejection in stopband, 30 dB up to 20 GHz. This will find its applications in harmonic rejection, transmitters / receivers and test instrumentation. Feature Advantages Low passband insertion loss Suitable for high performance application Fast roll-off Provides very good adjacent band rejection Connectorized package The connectorized package is easy to interface with other devices and well suited for test setups


• Very good isolation, 30 dB up to 20 GHz
• Excellent power handling, 9W
• Temperature stable LTCC internal structure
• Re-entry frequency > 20 GHz
• Protected by US patent 6,943,646
• Rugged unibody construction
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