Coaxial Gain Slope Equalizer, 10 dB , from DC to 6000 MHz


Product Overview
Mini-Circuits’ VEQY-5-63+ is an absorptive Gain Equalizer fabricated using highly repetitive GaAs IPD* MMIC
process incorporating resistors, capacitors and inductors having negative insertion loss slope. VEQY-5-63+ has a
nominal attenuation slope of 5 dB.
Feature Advantages
Negative Insertion Loss Slope vs. Frequency
Useful for compensating negative gain slope of amplifiers, receivers, transmitters to
achieve flat gain versus frequency.
Wideband operation, DC to 6 GHz
Supports a wide array of applications including wireless cellular, microwave communica-
tions, satellite, defense and aerospace, medical broadband and optic applications.
Excellent Power Handling Capability 31 dBm Enables its use at the output of a variety of amplifiers
Connectorized package
The connectorized package is easy to interface with other devices and well suited for
test setups.


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