Mini-Circuits’ USB-4SPDT-A18 is a general purpose RF USB switch matrix. The model contains four electromechanical SPDT, absorptive fail-safe RF switch constructed in break-before-make configuration and powered by +24VDC with switching time of 25 ms typical. The RF switches operate over a wide frequency band from DC to 18 GHz, have low insertion loss (0.2 dB typical) and high isolation (85 dB typical) making the switch matrix perfectly suitable for a wide variety of RF applications. The USB-4SPDT-A18 is constructed in a compact, rugged metal case (4.5″ X 6.0″ X 2.25″) with 12 SMA (F) connectors (COM and ports 1, 2, for each switch), USB type B port, and DC power input. Full software support is provided and can be downloaded from our website any time at https://www.minicircuits.com/softwaredownload/rfswitchcontroller.html. The package includes our user-friendly GUI application for Windows and a full API with programming instructions for Windows and Linux environments (both 32-bit and 64-bit systems). Also included is a 2.7 ft USB cable and AC/DC power adapter. Longer USB cables, and a mounting bracket are available as optional accessories. Rev. H M171384 EDR-10369 USB-4SPDT-A18 RAV 181209


4 Mechanical SPDT switch box • High reliability, 10 million switch cycles • 20W power rating (cold switching) & High isolation, 85 dB typ

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