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XLF-962+ Mini-Circuits’ X-Series reflectionless filters employs a novel filter topology which absorbs and terminates stop band signals internally rather than reflecting them back to the source. This new capability enables unique applications for filter circuits beyond those suited to traditional approaches. Traditional filters are reflective in the stop band, sending
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XLF-362H-DG+ Features • Match to 50Ω in the stop band, eliminates undesired reflections • Cascadable • Excellent stopband rejection, 48 dB typ. • Temperature stable, up to 105°C • Protected by US Patents 8,392,495; 9,705,467, additional patent pending • Protected by China Patent 201080014266.1 • Protected by Taiwan Patent I581494
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KBL-1.5FT-LOW+ Mini-Circuits’ KBL-1.5FT-LOW+ has extremely low insertion loss • extra rugged construction includes protective shield and strain relief for longer life • stainless steel 40 GHz connector for long mating-cycle life • double shield cable for excellent shielding effectiveness • 40 GHz connector mates with 2.92 mm, K*, 3.5mm, SMA Contact
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RCBT-63+ Mini-Circuits’ RCBT-63+ is a surface-mount bias-tee with an operating frequency range from 10 MHz to 6 GHz.  This model provides low insertion loss of 1.0 dB, 20 dB isolation, VSWR of 1.3:1 with RF input power handling up to +30 dBm and DC current handling up to 500mA.  The
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Test Solutions / Rack Mounted

Rack mounted RF Test and Measurement Solutions Flexible USB, Ethernet, SPI & I2C mechanical and solid state switch arrays and matrices Single & multi-channel programmable attenuators Cost-effective signal generators, instrument amplifiers and power sensors Much More Than Catalog Products A Rich History of Custom Integrated Assemblies Mini-Circuits has a well

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RF Power Detectors

MINI-CIRCUITS RF Power Detectors Precision RF power detectors for a wide range of applications including RF/IF power measurement, transmit/receive power monitoring, RF leakage monitors, fast feedback levelling circuits, receiver gain control systems and more! Wide bandwidth, 10 – 8000 MHz Dynamic range as wide as 60 dB, spanning -60 to

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