1:2 CORE & WIRE Transformer, 5 - 1200 MHz, 75Ω

Product Overview The TRS2-1T-75+ is a 75 surface mount balanced-to-balanced transformer with a 2:1 secondary/pri- mary impedance ratio covering the 5 to 1200 MHz band, meeting bandwidth requirements for DOCSIS® 3.1 compliant systems and equipment, among other applications. This model handles RF input power up to 0.25W and provides low insertion loss, good return loss and low amplitude unbalance. Measuring only 0.28 x 0.25 x 0.12″, the unit features core and wire, all-welded construction with gold over nickel plate wraparound terminations suitable for tin/lead and RoHS solder systems. The unit also includes Mini- Circuits’ Top Hat feature for faster more accurate pick-and-place assembly.


Low insertion loss, 1.0 dB typ. • Good return loss, 20 dB typ. • Low amplitude unbalance, 0.3 dB

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