Surface Mount top hat® Power Splitter/Combiner, 2 Way-0°, 75Ω, 5 to 2300 MHz


Mini-Circuits’ TRPS2-232-75+ is a 75 2-way 0˚ surface-mount power splitter/combiner covering the 5 to 2300 MHz fre- quency range, supporting bandwidth requirements for DOCSIS® 4.0 systems and equipment, as well as other broadband applications. This model can handle up to 0.5W RF input power as a splitter, and provides low insertion loss and low phase and amplitude unbalance. It features core and wire construction mounted on a 6-lead plastic base (0.20 x 0.20 x 0.13″) with Mini-Circuits’ TopHat® feature to improve speed and accuracy of pick and place assembly. This design requires external capacitors, inductors and resistors for impedance matching and cycling isolation between the output signals (refer to electri- cal schematic).


• low insertion, 2 dB typ.
• excellent amplitude unbalance, 0.2 dB typ.
• very good phase unbalance, 1.2 deg. typ.
• low cost
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