Surface Mount RF Transformer, 75Ω, 5 to 1250 MHz, 1:1 Ratio


• wideband, 5 to 1250 MHz
• balanced transmission line
• good return loss, 22 dB typ.
• excellent amplitude unbalance, 0.7 dB typ. and phase unbalance, 4 deg typ.
• plastic base with leads


The TRC1-1-122-75+ is a 75 surface mount transmission line transformer with a 1:1 secondary/primary impedance ratio covering the 5 to 1250 MHz band, meeting bandwidth requirements for DOCSIS® 3.1 compliant systems and equipment, among other applications. This model handles RF input power up to 2W and provides low insertion loss, good return loss and low unbalance. Measuring only 0.12 x 0.17 x 0.13″, the unit features core and wire construction mounted on a 4-pad plastic base, ideal for dense PCB layouts.

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