Product Overview
Mini-Circuits’ TERM-50W-183N+ is an ultra-wideband 50Ωhigh power termination capable of absorbing
signals up to 50W from DC to 18 GHz. It provides excellent return loss across its entire operating frequency
range, effectively dissipating signal power with minimal reflections. This model has N-type male connectors,
allowing connections with N-type female connectors. The unit features rugged construction for a long life of
use and comes in passivated stainless steel connector with black anodized aluminum housing.


• Wideband coverage, DC to 18 GHz • Return loss, 25 dB typ. up to 18 GHz • Male N-type connector

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ZVA-203GX+ Features • Low noise figure, 2 dB at 8 GHz • High IP3, 27.5 dBm typ. at 8 GHz • Excellent gain flatness, ± 1.0 from 2 GHz to 20 GHz Data Sheet Contact us
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EQY-6-24+ EQY-XX-24+ Series of absorptive Gain Equalizers are fabricated using highly repetitive GaAs IPD* MMIC process incorporating resistors, capacitors and inductors having negative insertion loss slope. EQYs are available with nominal attenuation slope of 0,2,3,5,6,8,10,12 dB. They are packaged in tiny 2 x 2 mm 8-Lead MCLPTM package. Features •
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141-24NM+ Features • Wideband frequency coverage, DC to 18 GHz • Low Loss, 1.32 dB at 18 GHz • Excellent Return Loss, 29 dB at 18 GHz • Hand formable to almost any custom shape without special bending tools • 8mm bend radius for tight installations • Anti-torque nut prevents
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GVA-93+ GVA-93+ (RoHS compliant) is an advanced ultra-wideband amplifier fabricated using GaAs HBT technology and offers excellent gain flatness over a broad frequency range. In addition, the GVA-93+ has good input and output return loss over this frequency range without the need for external matching components. Lead finish is tin-silver
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ZX60-112LN+ Product Overview Mini-Circuits’ ZX60-112LN+ is a wideband, low noise connectorized amplifier providing a unique combination of low noise figure, high gain, high IP3, and high reverse isolation, supporting a wide range of sensitive receiver applications. This design operates on a single 5V supply and comes in a rugged, compact
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Impedance Matching Pads

MINI-CIRCUITS Impedance Matching Pads Surface mount and coaxial 50 Ohm / 75 Ohm impedance matching pads for CATV systems, broadband networks, test setups and more! SMA, N-Type and BNC connectors available Frequency ranges as wide as DC to 3000 MHz Excellent matching VSWR Inquire about this Related Professional Articles Adapting

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