1:1 LTCC Transformer, 2300 - 3000 MHz, 50Ω

Mini-Circuits’ TCW1-33+ is a tiny ceramic RF balun transformer with an impedance ratio of 1:1, covering a variety of wireless communications applications from 2300 to 3000 MHz. This model provides low inser- tion loss, low phase unbalance (relative to 180°), low amplitude unbalance, and RF input power handling up to 2W. It provides DC isolation from input to output allowing it to be used for DC biasing of external circuits at the output. Fabricated using LTCC technology, the unit comes housed in a tiny, rugged ceram- ic package (0.06 x 0.03 x 0.02″) suitable for harsh operating environments.


• wideband, 2300 to 3000 MHz • low phase unbalance, 3 deg. and amplitude unbalance, 0.1 dB typ. • miniature size 0603 (1.6×0.8mm) • LTCC construction • low cost • aqueous washable

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