FlexTest™ Test Cable, 50Ω, 2FT, DC to 50 GHz, Low Loss


Mini-Circuits’ T50-series test cables provide wideband performance for test applications from DC to 50 GHz with low insertion loss and excellent return loss. These cables are specially designed for stability of phase and amplitude versus flexure while offering outstanding durability and reliability. Featuring triple-shielded cable construction with a unique molded boot, the cables are suitable for demanding lab environments where constant bending is required. T50-series cables feature 2.4mm-male to 2.4mm-male connectors and come in a variety of lengths to meet your needs.


• low insertion loss
• stainless steel 50 GHz connector for long mating-cycle life
• triple shield cable for excellent shielding effectiveness
• good amplitude and phase stability vs flexing over frequency
• 50 GHz connector mates with 2.4 mm
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