75Ω Surface Mount 2-Way 0�/180� Splitter/Combiner , from 5 to 1218 MHz


Mini-Circuits SYMT-122-75+ is a wideband, 2 way, 0°/180° surface mount magic T splitter/combiner. This model provides
very low amplitude and phase unbalance with good isolation over the full frequency range. It handles up to 0.5W of input
power and comes in a small case with excellent thermal performance (- 40°C to 85°C operating).
The Big Deal
Low amplitude unbalance, 0.3 dB typ.
Low phase unbalance, ±3° typ.
Surface Mount
2 Way-0°/180° 75 5 to 1218 MHz
Power Splitter/Combiner
Feature Advantages
Wide frequency coverage from 5 to 1218 MHz supports many applications DOCSIS 3.1
Low amplitude unbalance and phase unbalance
0.3 dB typ. for amplitude unbalance
±3° typ. for phase unbalance
0.3 dB typ for amplifier unbalance ±3° typ. for phase unbalance produces nearly equal output signals.
Good return loss:
18 dB typ., for all ports
Well matched for 75 systems.
Good isolation
20 dB typ., for ports 1 & 2
30 dB typ., for S, J – ports
Good isolation over the entire band minimizes effect of load changes at one output port on another
output port.
0.5W max. input power High power handling accommodates a wide range of system power requirements.
Small size, 0.38 x 0.50 x 0.25 in. Accommodates dense PCB layouts.


Surface Mount • Power Splitter/Combiner • 5 to 1218 MHz • Low amplitude unbalance,0.3 dB typ. • Low phase unbalance, ±3º typ.

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